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Using The Authentic Voice Of Kids To Raise Public Awareness Of Youth-Related Social Issues:

Problem: America's Promise was founded nearly ten years ago by General Colin Powell, USA (Ret) with the support
of all living presidents to challenge the country to provide the Five Promises — the five essential resources young people need to realize their potential in life. But in the intervening years, awareness of children and youth-related issues and America's Promise as an entity had declined significantly. What was needed was a quick and effective
way to redirect the attention of the public and policymakers to the importance of the Five Promises and to America's Promise's position as one of the country's leading advocates for young people.

Solution: To address these parallel issues, Just Kid conceived the "Voices Study". Rather than create another study about kids and the issues they face, the purpose of this survey was to create a quantitative survey from the perspective of kids themselves.

  • A powerful new publicity tool which America's Promise has been able to leverage to renew
    public attention to the Five Promises in publications ranging from USA Today to Roll Call.
  • Significantly elevated profile of America's Promise as one of the nation's leading organizations
    on youth-related issues.
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